Conditions of Consent

Special Medical Needs:

We need to know if the participant has any medical condition which may affect their safety or that of others whilst on the course.  Examples of conditions we need to know about are; Asthma, epilepsy, being prone to dizziness etc.

Please give details on the register form, speak to and advise the surfing instructors on duty

By signing the conditions of consent register form you declare that:

  • The participant is able to swim a minimum of 50M in open water
  • The participant is physically fit enough to take part.
  • The participant will comply with all safety regulations set out by Swansea surf school
  • The participant is not pregnant.


Important things to know before your visit:

If you are currently experiencing, or have recently experienced, any symptoms of COVID-19, please postpone your surf to a future date, allowing for quarantine periods as advised by the government.



Gower & Swansea surf school sometimes has a photographer at the beach

When you sign the consent and register form you also consent to having photographs taken.

Should you have any objections to these photos being published please inform our instructors.  

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    By signing you declare that you have read and understand the Gower & Swansea surf school conditions of consent and medical form. You willingly sign by way of consent to the participation in surfing lessons, either as the participant or on behalf of the participant (if under 18)

    * essential